Terrazzo Post Earrings in Rust

Terrazzo Post Earrings in Rust
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Terrazzo Post Earrings in Rust
These Sterling Silver and Terrazzo Post Earrings by Fiddlehead Studio are great in this rusty reddish brown. These have an oval shape that you can wear horizontally or vertically. Earring Girl loves the texture and sheen of Fiddlehead Studios' Terrazzo, read all about this unique material and labor intensive fabrication process below!

These earrings are 1/2" long and 3/8ths of an inch wide.

The origins of Terrazzo can be traced back to 15th Century Italy. Venetian craftsmen had discoverd a use for the small remnants of marble chips from the studios of local sculptors. Craftsmen would combine the marble with mortar to create beautiful ornate flooring for their terraces.

Fiddlehead Studio has incorporated this Old World technique into their jewelry, using a combination of reclaimed marble and recycled glass, small batches are cast into recycled sterling silver bezels. Additional color and texture is achieved by layering semi-precious stones and river rock. After curing for 2 weeks, pieces undergo 5 stages of hand-polishing. This polishing technique reveals the colored matrix of marble and glass. Terrazzo components are then combined with sterling silver and semi-precious stones to form a timeless handcrafted piece.