Millefiori (1000 flowers) Hamsa Earrings

Millefiori (1000 flowers) Hamsa Earrings
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Millefiori (1000 flowers) Hamsa Earrings
Handmade, Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Millefiori (1000 Flowers) Hamsa Earrings. Made with polymer clay and a cold enamel technique, these are lovingly crafted for good luck and protection. The Hamsa charm is very small and delicate.

The earrings hang an inch from the ear including the wire and are just under a half inch wide.

These would make a very sweet Bat Mitzvah Gift!

The rhodium plating protects silver from tarnishing. It is the coating that is used on White Gold. Though it's a little more expensive than silver, your hamsas will always look great!