Ashka Dymel

Ashka Dymel
Ashka Dymel's interest in structure, geometry and modular design originated in her study of architecture, but jewelry-making provided her with instant gratification, a sense of creative freedom and control that the architectural process was lacking.

In recent years her work has become more playful and intuitive, and less serious, symmetrical and controlled. She feels more like a painter now than an engineer, creating impressionistic compositions, with fields of color broken up into small elements.

Ashka uses translucent semi-precious gems to create a most luminous effect. Each gemstone bead is like a drop of paint becoming part of the color field.

Ashka shys away from traditional stone setting techniques, and the use of beads allows her to employ a unique way of capturing gems within metal frames. She uses very thin silver wire threaded through the holes and balled up on both sides using high heat. Frames or outlines are fabricated out of sterling silver, some are partially cast.

Earring Girl can't get enough of Ashka's unusual gemstone combinations.